New Drawing books!

I am thankful that my kids and I share a mutual love for art and drawing! I have always enjoyed drawing since I was very small. For our first 6 weeks of school we learn drawing techniques and all year long my kids love to practice. 

I found these lovely drawing books(link at the bottom
of this post) and I am so glad I did! As soon as I opened the box, my kids were eager to get started. They love them so much already! 

I think these will be a terrific resource for tutoring my foundations class the first 6 weeks this fall when we study drawing! It gives me so many neat ideas of what we could draw during those weeks. I also love that I have options for younger beginners all the way to the older more advanced students. 

Here is a peek inside the level 1

And a peek inside the more advanced level 4 &5

Here is a link to purchase! They also offer more sample
Pages here.  (I’m not affiliated with this company)



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