Cycle 3 resources

It’s hard to believe it’s already June!

I am easing into curriculum planning for next year. This will be our second time through cycle 3, which has a US History theme, and I’m excited to pull out some of our favorite games and books that we used the last time! Here is a quick look at a few of our previous favorites. I am excited to add a lot of new things to this book basket this year!

Books from Beautiful Feet Books:
•The 4th of July Story. 

The Fourth of July Story - Beautiful Feet Books

•Paddle to the Sea: 

Books from My Father’s World- Adventures in US History:
•The courage of Sarah Noble
•Mountain Born
•American Pioneers & Patriots
•Squanto- Friends of Pilgrims
 •Red, White and Blue (level 3 reader)

Other books and games:
Draw Write Now Book 5: United States, From Sea to Sea, Moving Forward

•America’s prairies and grasslands 
America's Prairies and Grasslands: Guide to Plants and Animals (America's Ecosystems)
• The Prairie that Nature Built

 Discovery of the Americas, The (American Story)

 America's 50 States: Maps, Flags, Dates, and Fun Facts!

And a few favorite board games...
•Sequence! States and CapitalsProbably our very favorite for learning all the states!  Sadly, this one is a little difficult to come by now. I would keep your eye out on resale sites and garage sales! Jax Sequence States and Capitals

• Ticket to ride! First journey is great for younger kids or beginners. All of my kids love this game. It makes a great family night activity! 
Ticket to Ride - First Journey

 Gamewright The Scrambled States of America Game

What are some of your favorite educational board games to play? 


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