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How we enjoy Art & Music in our homeschool

Over the years I have enjoyed slowly adding in art and music study into our morning time routine. My husband and I both love art and it is important to us that we incorporate it into our children’s schooling. Below are resources and information for how we incorporate it into our school day.  Art Each year we take 7 weeks to study different great artists. This year we will study American History and many of our artists will line up with that.  •Grandma Moses •Norman Rockwell •Wyeth •Picasso  •Okeefe •Lichtenstein  •Augusta Savage This is a family favorite component of our morning time. We like to read books about the artist’s life, admire their artworks, and learn about their techniques and styles. We also enjoy visiting local art museums for field trips. I will post our art projects each week, so stay tuned for those!  Here are great books we have in our artist book basket.  Note: I do  buy my books second hand. I frequently check thriftbooks and have found a lot

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